Hull Health Forward

Hull Health Forward Confederation (HHFC)

Due to changes in the NHS and the severe shortage of doctors choosing to be GPs (particularly in Hull), Primary Care and the way it operates and delivers its services needs to change.  A new model for delivery of care is required and the NHS published its Five Year Forward View in October 2014 in response to these challenges. 

Our local Care Commissioning Group (HULL CCG) believes that the best way forward for Hull Practices would be for groups of Practices to work together, at scale, for peer support, to bid for services, to improve patient care, and to ensure sustainability and the ability to continue delivering Primary Care services.

There are several ways this can be achieved:

  • Form groupings where Practices work together but maintain their own patient lists and individuality;
  • Mergers with other Practices with the aim to become one service provider, sharing the workload, GP’s, staffing, patients and premises;
  • Become one large city-wide Primary Care Service with all salaried GP’s, Nursing Teams, services, staff and premises shared.

There are several Practices in Hull who have already started forming groups and mergers.  Each of these operates in their own way and any changes in one group may be completely different from another group.  There are no right or wrong ways of working together and currently nothing has been imposed on Practices to form any type of groupings, it is a voluntary decision.

What has our Practice done?

Our Practice has been in discussions with other local Practices regarding working together.  The GP’s from these Practices are like-minded, the Practice Managers already support each other, and all want to ensure that they provide good care for both patients and staff whilst still maintaining their independence and individuality.

These practices have come together as a group to form Hull Health Forward Confederation (HHFC).  The member Practices are:

  • The Avenues Medical Centre
  • Clifton House Medical Centre
  • Princes Medical Centre
  • Newland Health Centre
  • Wilberforce Surgery
  • Holderness Open Door Surgery
  • Wolseley Medical Centre
  • Sydenham Group Practice
  • Hastings Medical Centre
  • Oaks Medical Centre
  • Kingston Health Hull
  • Laurbel Surgery (Bilton)
  • Dr. Chowdhury & Partner (East Hull)

How this will affect patients, staff and the Practice?

For the foreseeable future there will be no changes to staff and their current roles. Staff are an invaluable and important part of this process and will be kept informed and involved at all times. Practices will continue to operate as they do currently and patients will see no immediate changes.  Patients will be kept informed of any changes via The Patient Participation Group (PPG), notice boards and the Practice website.